There is a growing consensus to change the distribution of the canon, for which a legislative amendment is urgently needed.

Mining is resuming its course somewhat. The award of Michiquillay to Southern has been an important signal to the investment public. Exploration activities are growing and, in general, there is an increase in mining investment, among others thanks to an improvement in international mineral prices.

However, social conflict remains latent and represents a permanent threat to mining projects. In this regard, both investors and the Government must have a greater rapprochement with the communities and ensure that obligations and commitments are met. There are regions where the mineral has been exploited, but no development has been generated; synergies between the public and private sectors must be created to close social gaps.

In this context, there is a growing consensus to change the distribution of the canon, so that it does not only reach the project's area of influence, but can also serve the needs of more remote populations. The question is how to resolve the challenge that this canon will end up generating greater well-being, in general in the region and, especially, in the places where the minerals come from. In what sense should the canon law be modified?